Upper Stoodley Residents’ Association fundraises for good causes for our membership area.  Donations are always welcome!

British Heart Foundation

We have received two grants from the British Heart Foundation for automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to help people who have had a heart attack.  We raised well over £2,000 as a contribution towards the AEDs, and to buy cabinets to store them in.  We are arranging training for anyone who is interested from Yorkshire Ambulance NHS Trust – more details will appear on the website.  Many individuals and companies donated to the fundraising campaign and we are very grateful to everyone.  One AED is sited in the car park of The Top Brink Inn, Brink Top, Lumbutts, OL14 6JB; the other is on Lee Bottom Road, on the garden wall of 21 Harvelin Park, OL14 6HX.

Calderdale Council

We have also received a small grant in 2019 from Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council for buying litter picking equipment, buying and designing this website, training and for printing costs.  We are very grateful to the Council for their support.

In 2020, we received two ward forum grants from Calderdale Council. One grant supported the purchase of two heavy-duty waste bins for public use in the area between Rossendale View and Stoodley Grange. The second grant is supporting the design and production of new signage for visitors to Gadding’s Dam. We are very grateful to the ward forum grant makers for these two grants.

Todmorden Town Council

In 2020 we received a grant from Todmorden Town Council also to support the design and production of new signage for visitors to Gaddings’ Dam. We are very grateful to the town council for this grant.