About Us

Upper Stoodley Residents’ Association (USRA) owes its existence to the work of a small number of volunteers concerned about local planning and access issues, who established an informal group in 2017.  In October 2018, the Residents’ Association formally adopted a constitution and elected a committee.

Membership of USRA is open to “all residents of the area who are tenants, leaseholders or owner-occupiers of residential properties bordered by and including the upper part of Stoodley Ward where it meets Walsden Ward, to include the villages of Lumbutts, and Mankinholes; and the roads that lead off Lumbutts Road to the top of Longfield; and as far as Lee Bottom Road and the four estates, Rossendale View, Manor Close, Harvelin Park, Stoodley Grange and all other roads and farmhouses leading off this area; and then to the valley bottom and the homes at the bottom of Shaw Wood Road.”

The aims of the Residents’ Association are:

  • To promote the common interests of all the residents within the membership area
  • To provide a means of identifying areas of collective benefit, e.g. improvements in the local environment and infrastructure, and for undertaking the relevant work necessary to secure those benefits
  • To provide a means of identifying residents’ common concerns about the membership area, including concerns about infrastructure, the environment, planning issues, the maintenance of the Conservation Area which affects a portion of the membership area, tourism and local heritage
  • To provide a means to convey residents’ common views to and from key stakeholders including Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, Todmorden Town Council, key infrastructure providers and Natural England.
  • To promote social and leisure activities for residents, their families and friends

USRA is independent of any political or religious group, and independent of Todmorden Town Council and Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council. For specific activities including funding the creation of this website, USRA gratefully acknowledges a small grant provided in 2019 by Calderdale MBC.

USRA also gratefully acknowledges 2 ward forum grants given to it in 2020 and a grant from Todmorden Town Council. These grants were for: two new public waste bins in the Rossendale View and Stoodley Grange areas, and for new signage for visitors to Gaddings Dam.

We are also very grateful to the British Heart Foundation for grants towards two community public access defibrillators (CPADs), to Yorkshire Ambulance Charity for a heated cabinet for one of the CPADs and to the Neighbourhood Watch Network for a community grant towards our first newsletter in 2022.

USRA sends out regular news items by email.  Personal data is held in accordance with USRA’s privacy notice.